Our creche services

Welcome to ASCEND KIDS! Parents and carers should be confident that their children will be safe and well cared for in our crèche. Our staff under-go a screening process before employment to ensure they are fit for working with children and also have a duty of care to provide a high standard of service, so you can be reassured that they will do their up-most to ensure your child’s needs are met.

To assist our crèche staff in running a safe and fun service for all children, as the carers you will be asked to kindly co-operate in maintaining our standards by following all of the policies and procedures outlined below.

Enrolment, Bookings & Parent Information Form

We require all carers to complete an initial enrolment form (see attached), for their children prior to using the crèche and request that carer book their children into the crèche before attending. It is important to know the number and ages of the children to be cared for PRIOR to the session, so that the correct number of crèche staff can be rostered.

Bookings can be made by emailing directly to our staff – crèche@ascendfitness.com.au.
Please include the child’s name, age and the session you wish your child to attend. If the session is already at capacity, you will receive an email in return, notifying you. In the event that you are unable to attend your class/you no longer in the crèche service, please call and notify us on the same number above, so another child can take the spot.

/Sign-out Book

The crèche has a sign-in and sign-out book, which carers are required to complete when dropping off and picking up their child. The system records the child’s name, age and any special requirements concerning the child for that day, the carer’s name and their location within the gym in case of an emergency, and a ‘time in’ and ‘time out’ signature. Please ensure you allow enough time to complete this important form and to settle your child before your exercise session.

Please Note: Carers must remain on the premises while their child is in the crèche; the person responsible for bringing the child to the crèche is responsible for collecting the child (unless written authority from the carer is obtained before the child is handed over).

Key features

Because the length of the stay for each individual child is only for an hour and a half maximum, carers are required to provide your own food and drink for their own children. We have a kitchenette with a fridge to store food/drinks, if necessary & a microwave for warming up bottles, for your convenience. Please speak with crèche staff, if you’d like to use these facilities.

Food Policy (including nuts)
Like the majority of child care services, we have a ‘Nut FREE’ zone, which means there is to be no food containing nuts or nut by-products such as muesli bars, chocolate and biscuits due to the severe reactions that can occur in children who are allergic to such foods. Also note, other foods such as sweets, carrot, apple, peanuts and popcorn should not be provided due to the high choking hazard for babies and toddlers.

Toilet Etiquette
Please note, that carers are required to accompany their child(s) to the toilet and/or change their own child(s) nappy, regardless of your physical activity schedule. This is to ensure hygiene standards are kept to an absolute high and to also ensure the staff are able to fully supervise the entire group during the entire session. Carers will be notified, if this is necessary. There is access to a modified toilet, change table and nappy sanitiser located in the ‘Disabled/Parent Room’, just down the hall from the crèche.

Health and Safety
Due to the close contact children have with each other in the crèche service, they are more likely to catch each other’s illnesses. It is therefore important that carers respect the crèche policy for the exclusion of children from child care services when they are suffering from specified infectious diseases. Children with infectious/contagious conditions will not be accepted into care. Such conditions include: measles; mumps; chicken pox; diarrhoea; vomiting; head lice; conjunctivitis; ring worm/tinea; thrush; & gastroenteritis.

Dispensing Medications
As carers are on-site, no medication will be administered by crèche staff. Carers may administer medication to their child while in care, if necessary.

Accident and Illness
A record of all accidents, injuries and illnesses to a child during their stay will be recorded by a staff member. If a child is injured in more than a minor way, or falls ill, the carer will be contacted immediately.

Please ensure all your child’s belonging are clearly labelled.

Parent Notice

To ensure our crèche runs smoothly & all children & families are provided with the best care & service, carer’s must:

  • Book into the crèche BEFORE attending
  • Book in a maximum of 2 days in advanced
  • Stay on the premises & collect their child within the 1.5hr booking time frame
  • Provide their child with nut-free food/drinks
  • Refrain from bringing in their child, if sick
  • Collect their child, if we are unable to settle them within a certain timeframe
  • Collect their child, if they become aggressive towards other children &/or staff