Ignite Spring Challenge

Ignite your fitness this September

We’ve created our Ignite Spring Challenge to keep you feeling motivated and accountable to your fitness goals throughout September while kickstarting your body in preparation for the warmer months to come!

Throughout the month of September, you and your team will compete in challenges both in and out of the gym.


Classes will run:

Monday – 6:45pm
Wednesday – 6:45pm
Thursday – 6:45pm
Saturday: 8:30am

All classes are 45 minutes, and all fitness levels welcome! Classes are designed to burn calories, keeping your metabolic rate raised once the class finishes and also focus on lean muscle development.


The big difference between this Challenge and our previous challenges is that this one will be completed in teams of four.

Why do we need teams?

Because accountability plays a huge part in this challenge. You’re far more likely to stay motivated, attend sessions and give it your all when you’re part of a team!

Can’t find a team of four? Just ask around on our Facebook event page and create your team through here.

Once you have your team, you’ll need a team name! This is printed on the back of your singlet.

There will be prizes for teams at the end of the Challenge, so team spirit is important!


On top of the four regular Challenge classes, there’ll be optional Challenge tasks given at the start of each week!

These will be group challenges, individual workouts, nutrition challenges and more. All of these are designed to promote healthy lifestyle choices and maximise the results you can make throughout the four weeks.

These will be posted in the private Ignite Challenge Facebook event page. Once completed they can be emailed through to info@ascendfitness.com.au with photo evidence the Challenge was completed so we’re able to keep track of completed challenges.


Members: $99
Non-Members: $129
Sign-Up Fee: $49. This includes measurements, BMI and Waist to Hip Ratio prior to Week 1 and at end of Week 4, plus team singlet.

Signing up to the Challenge must be done BEFORE 31st August to allow time for apparel order, measurements etc.

Once your team is locked in and ready to go, we’ll invite your group to join the Ignite Challenge Event Page where the weekly challenges will be uploaded and where all other information will be posted.

If there are any questions, please feel free to post in the Discussion section, or call the gym on 6242 5807!

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