Xavier Stravens

Xavier Stravens

Personal Trainer

E-mail: xavierstravenspt@gmail.com

Phone nunber: 0434 670 859

I’m experienced in competitve powerlifting, injury rehab, bodyfat loss and strength and conditioning. My previous background in military service means I’m a no nonsense trainer that thrives on your results.

I’m also big on team building skills and comraderie. I know that training sessions aren’t ‘one type fits all’. I will work alongside you and will tailor sessions based on your specific goals and how you respond to the style of training.
I also understand that repetitve training can limit results so I ensure each one
of my clients has variety in their programming.
– Cert 3 & 4 in fitness
– Senior first aid

– Biomechanics
– Fat Loss and Recomposition
– Post-Injury / Rehabilitation
– Small Group Personal Training