Yes we are open 24/7. All our members have an access tag that allows them entry to the gym via the carpark entry. We have security cameras and duress buttons installed on each level for safety and security purposes. Non-members are strictly not allowed into the gym outside of staffed hours.

Of course! Our group classes are free to all members and we encourage everyone – regardless of your fitness levels to get involved! Bookings for the classes are not required. Simply show up 5-10 minutes before the class starts and say hi to the instructor.

A free 1 day pass is available for non-members (living in Canberra) to trial the facilities. This can only be done during the staffed hours and with prior approval from Ascend SF Management.

Please be aware non-members using the gym without prior approval from Ascend SF may receive a tailgate fine per your membership agreement

You can reach our staff via email (info@ascendfitness.com.au) or by calling 6242 5807. Or pop in anytime during staffed hours to have a chat with one of our friendly staff.