4 Tips on Staying Fit This Xmas Break!

Xmas is just around the corner! With the festive season comes plenty of food, drinking, social events and work functions. It can be tough navigating through all these events while still working towards – and achieving your fitness goals.

Below are some tips n tricks you can use during the holiday season to keep yourself in check!

#1: Intermittent fasting.

Avoiding calories throughout the day to allow yourself more wiggle-room when Xmas lunch or your dinner party rolls around.

If you’re body isn’t familiar with intermittent fasting, try something as easy as 8hrs (fasting):16hrs (eating). Once you’re comfortable with that, you can progress to further time in a fasted state and less time when you’re eating.

This is a great way to eat less calories through the day, but also allow yourself to eat your fill at the dinner table.

#2: Be Calorie Smart!

At the end of the day, ‘calories in V calories out’ will be a massive determining factor in hitting your goals. If you’re still looking to dominate some big meals at the dinner table, try these quick switches:

  • Cauliflower rice instead of cooked rice. Similar texture to rice but a fraction of the calories.
  • Halotop icecream instead of regular icecream. Not quite as good as the real thing but pretty damn close!
  • Low carb bread/wraps instead of regular bread. Aldi do a lowcarb bread that is insane, for just $5 a loaf.

This way you’re still smashing that high volume of food, but your calorie intake will be lower!

#3: Stay Hydrated!

This isn’t anything groundbreaking, but keeping your fluids up during the day will help in so many ways. It stops excessive drinking, curbs snacking and allows you to recover quicker the next day if you’ve had a few cheeky alcoholic beverages the night before.

If you’re not the biggest fan of water on it’s own, there’s a bunch of healthy options to mix with such as apple cider vinegar, fruit/herbal tea and pre-bottled kombucha!

#4: Enjoy the Occasion!

At the end of the day, these holiday seasons are there for you to enjoy yourself with loved ones. Don’t stress if you eat an extra potato, have a second dessert or a 5th beer/wine. Once the festive season is done, get back to setting and achieving those goals you had before the Xmas period. Also take time to reflect on what you’re looking to achieve and why. Will you feel happy and content when you reach these goals? Remember your fitness goals need to be more about getting a sweet 6pack or juicy butt.