3 Tips to Help Accelerate Your Fat Loss!

3 Tricks on Making Your Fat Loss Goals Easier!

Yes, ultimately fat loss comes down to ‘Calories In Vs Calories Out’, but there are a few tricks you can learn along the way to help you accelerate those results rather than just restricting your calories. Check out our suggestions below!

1: Super Greens and/or Apple Cider Vinegar in the morning!

Super Greens Powder are a great way to get some added micro nutrients into your body! Especially when you’re cutting calories, it’s important to keep your micro nutrients as high as possible to ensure your body is staying healthy and functioning optimally.

If you don’t enjoy the taste of Super Greens, a glass of warm water (better bio-availability and absorption into the body than cold water) mixed with apple cider vinegar works wonders also!

Both these products help alkalise the body and can help curb your appetite in the morning by hydrating you.

They’ve also been shown to help lower blood sugar levels (crucial for weight loss!), boosts nutrient absorption and loads more.

2: Eating a higher combination of protein and fats will keep you satiated for longer!

The combination of a higher protein and fat diet with lower carbohydrates is ideal for fat loss.

Adequate protein intake will help stop your muscles from atrophying (shrinking/losing size) and the consumption of fats keeps you full due to its slower digestion time.

Another benefit of having fats as a primary fuel source is that there’s no effect on your blood sugar levels. Keeping these low throughout the day will be massively beneficial when it comes to weight loss.

When consuming carbs as your main source of fuel over fats and proteins, your body will react in a way where your cravings will increase and your energy levels will peak and fall due to the insulin spikes in your body.

You may find on a carb-heavy diet that your hunger and cravings increase due to the faster absorption and breakdown of carbs into glucose (sugar). This can make things difficult when trying to be consistent with your weight loss efforts.

3: Find a sweet-tooth substitute!

Thankfully a lot of food and nutrition companies are sensing a shift in demand away from high sugary foods and are creating (semi) healthy treat options!

Ice creams which are lower calorie and higher in protein can be found in the freezer isles, stevia sweetened chocolates are becoming more common and even cauliflower pizza-bases are now a thing!

Being creative and finding these snacks can help satisfy your sweet tooth while not blowing your total macro expenditure out of the water.

It’s still important to note these foods should be classed as treats and shouldn’t be incorporated into your daily eating plan. Healthy, whole foods will always win out when stacked against those options!