Aaron Cordina

Aaron Cordina

Member Service and Relations Manager

E-mail: aaron@incitestrength.com.au

Phone nunber: 044 889 7277

I am former high level amateur athlete and Australian Academy of Sport scholarship holder at the AIS. I have competed in a number of team and individual sports at a national level over the years including Olympic Wrestling, Brazilian Jujitsu, Boxing, Basketball and Rugby Union and also more recently in Body Building in the IFBB Pro League.

I’m a qualified Strength System Certified Coach (under Sebastian Oreb), qualified Sports Nutritionist and soon to be qualified physio therapist. I work with a number of professional athletes and teams in a range of sports including comp prep for both males and female athletes in Body Building. I have produced a number of state, national and professional champions.

I have an absolute passion helping all people achieve their health and fitness goals and improving their quality of life by challenging their limits. So, if you want to take your training, health and physique to the next level then shoot me a message and let’s get to work!

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