Thomas Lawrence

Thomas Lawrence

Personal Trainer

E-mail: lawrence_m60_63@hotmail.com

Phone nunber: 0408 417 930

The hardest thing to do when starting or wanting to improve your fitness journey is to
ask for help.
Where do you start? What’s the best way to improve upon and achieve those goals
you’re looking to attain?
Let me join you on your journey to a fitter and healthier life.

My journey in finding a healthier, fitter me started in the Australian Army over 15
years ago and continues today as a personal trainer.
I will keep you motivated by working alongside you to set and achieve your specific
goals through effective exercise prescription and nutrition advice.

My Specialities include:

– Weight loss / body composition
– Weight training for beginners and
intermediate levels
– Heart rate zone training including
HIIT and circuits.
– Fitness programming and

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