3 Things to Remember With Your Training Now You’re a Mum!

3 things to remember with your training now you’re a Mum!

  1. You’re breathing is more important than ever!

The vast majority of humans breathe incorrectly and don’t even know it. If you look at how you’re breathing right now, is it through your mouth or nose? Into your chest or stomach? If you’re breathing through your mouth, you might want to try changing that ASAP!

Mouth-breathing creates a list of problems ranging from shallow breathing which can lead to tension in your neck and headaches, through to a weak core and abdominal area due to the muscle tissue not contracting.

Focus on breathing through your nose with your mouth closed while expanding and contracting your stomach. Count 3 seconds inhaling, 5 seconds exhaling for 10-15 breaths. This is an excellent drill for new mums who’ve just had a new-born as your core strength will most likely be considerably weaker.

  1. Treat your training as a marathon and not a sprint!

It’s a cliché saying sure, but take a look at what your body has just gone through throughout the duration of your pregnancy!

Thinking that you’re going to be able to stroll back into a gym and train at the same level and intensity you were prior to your pregnancy is unrealistic and can likely cause injury.

Instead, start with the basics; attend pilates classes to help with muscle awareness and core stability. Incorporate bodyweight strength exercises into your workout regime, then when those movements feel comfortable, gradually increase your weights, reps and intensity.

If you’re consistent, you’ll be able to get back to your previous levels of fitness, but being patient is the key!

  1. Strength training is your friend!

No, you won’t end up looking “bulky” and you don’t end up stacking on heaps of muscle either. Women are naturally low in testosterone, and without an abundance of this hormone, piling on muscle won’t happen easily.

What it will do is increase definition in the body areas you wish to focus on (glutes/arms/shoulders etc), it will improve your bone density which drastically minimises your chance of serious skeletal injury, increase your resting metabolism which gives you the increased ability to burn more calories once your training is done, plus a whole bunch of other awesome perks!

Bottom line – don’t be afraid to ditch the treadmill for squats, lunges, push ups and anything else that’s strength orientated – your body will thank you later for it!