Ideas to keep your nutrition in check all week!

What you put in is what you get out. Be it a work assignment, a workout or even a friendship, general consensus is that the better you prepare, the more you give and the harder you work the better the results will be. Well this is exactly how the story goes for the body itself.

Eating a nutritional diet will give your body the ultimate advantage it needs helping you to trim down, build muscle and reduce your risk of disease. It doesn’t have to be hard either. With a few easy steps you’ll develop healthy habits you’ll keep for life.

Here are our top tips for producing and sticking to a nutritional diet:

What’s the plan?

“I just, didn’t have the time.” I’m sure this is something we have all said to ourselves at one point in time. If you’re going to plan and cook each and every one of your meals, you are committing a lot of time and effort from your day to day life. The solution? Plan in advance and if it works for you, write this down. Use your downtime to prepare certain meals for the week. Added benefits include having more time during the week (to visit the gym) and taking less trips to the supermarket.

Feeling hungry?

Common theory behind sticking to a nutritional plan involves eating less and not hooking into those extra snacks of a night time. This is true and there are ways to curb your hunger than don’t involve overeating. This includes adding higher protein and low GI foods into your diet. Both food groups work to keep you full. However low GI foods like beans, lentils and bread break down into your blood slower resulting in a gradual release of insulin helping to keep you full for longer.

It’s all about the journey:

Your journey to a better you starts with eating better. Why not tell the world? Friends and family will only provide the extra inspiration you need. Who knows, you may even inspire others along the way.

Variety is the spice of life:

Eating eggplant and lentils because they are a “virtuous” food is not sustainable if you do not like them. Pick whole foods you love and mix it up throughout the week. Find different styles of cooking the foods you love whether it be curries, BBQ’s, stir fries or the humble salad.

It’s not all or nothing:

Breaking your diet isn’t the end of the world unless you see it that way. Give yourself cheat moments and don’t be afraid to go out to dinners. You’re not going to get the opportunity to go out all the time and that is why you should treat yourself when it matters and follow your nutritional plan the rest of the time. It’s when you start treating yourself to takeaway dinners because you don’t feel like cooking that bad habits begin to form.

Always look on the bright side:

The start of a nutritional plan, the middle and even the end can feel like a bridge too far when the cravings hit. This is where your willpower is key. Remember why you set out to follow a nutritional plan in the first place, look at your achievement and be proud of positive change. The cravings will subside and the love for your new style will return. Enjoy the ride.

Meal Prep inspo from Marek Fitness

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